Enrollment Guide

Guangdong University of Finance & Economics (GDUFE)

2023  International Students Enrollment Guide

for Full–time Postgraduate Students




Guangdong University of Finance & Economics (GDUFE) is located in Guangzhou city, a commercial port with a history of thousands of years and the oriental origin of the Maritime Silk Road. It is authorized by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee to confer doctors degrees. It is renowned as the economic and legal talents training highland in Guangdong Province and even South China Region and the modern service industry and social governance innovation and development research center. It is the pilot university of Ministry of Education New Business Smart Learning Workshop (2020)(A), Guangdong Province characteristic university, Guangdong Province Demonstration University of Law-based Governance, Demonstration University of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for College Students in Guangdong Province, pilot university for Deepening educational evaluation reform in the New Era in Guangdong Province, Green Education Institution in Guangdong Province.

Founded in 1983 with the approval from China State Council, it was formerly known as Guangdong College of Finance and Economics, offering bachelor degrees. In 1985, it was renamed Guangdong Business College, authorized to confer masters degrees since 2003 and it received “Excellent” in the undergraduate education evaluation conducted by China ‘Ministry of Education in 2008. In 2013, it was renamed Guangdong University of Finance & Economics, and was authorized to confer doctors degrees in 2021.

It consists of two campuses with a total land area of about 150 hectares. Guangzhou Campus is located in the core area of Pazhou Economic Development Zone, and the Foshan campus is located within the scenic Yundonghai Tourism Economic Zone, Foshan city. 

The total enrollment of full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students is over 31,000


1. Disciplines and Programs

GDUFE has developed a multi-disciplinary education system in economics, management, law, humanities, science, engineering and arts, and it vigorously promote new Liberal Arts discipline, new Business Discipline and interdisciplinary Study.

 Applied Economics is the first-level discipline authorized to confer doctors degrees, and it is also listed as provincial advantageous key discipline; Business administration and Law are listed as provincial advantageous key first-level disciplines; Theoretical Economics is a provincial key discipline with features; Digital Economics was approved to be a key discipline in a Discipline Development Plan in 2021.

GDUFE offers 66 bachelor programs, among which, 18 majors such as Taxation, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Auditing, Law and E-commerce, Investment, Financial Management, International Business, Hospitality Management, Economics, Insurance, Business English, Human Resource Management, Logistics are listed as First-class key national undergraduate programs; 16 majors such as Public Finance, Assets Evaluation, Land Resource Management, Economic Statistics, Tourism Management, Physical Geography and Resource Environment, Journalism, Social Work, Chinese Language Literature, Financial Engineering Marketing, Executive Management, Mathematics and Applied Math, Broadcasting and Host, Translation are categorized as outstanding programs of provincial level.

It has 9 first-level disciplines(theoretical economics, applied economics, law, Marxism, Statistics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Art design, Mathematics) , 1 second-level discipline offering master degree programs , and 17 professional master programs (Finance, Insurance, Taxation,  Assets Evaluation, Auditing, Law, Publication, Accounting, Business Administration, Tourism Management, Fine Arts, Translation, Applied Statistics, International Business, Journalism and Communication etc).


2. Faculty

Adhering to the strategy of strengthening GDUFE with talents, GDUFE has built a team of teachers with reasonable structure, good quality, high level and vigor. 

It boasts nearly 1600 full-time faculty, 55% of whom are doctorate holders, 45% are professors, and 26% have overseas study experience.

There are now 6 disciplines of Pearl River scholars, and nearly 70 people of provincial and ministerial level or above, including national training objects of New Century Millions of Talents Project, selected talents of the New Century Outstanding Talents Support Plan of the Ministry of Education, experts receiving special government allowance of the State Council, “Pearl River scholars”, young top-notch talents of Guangdong Special Support Plan, and talents awarded “Outstand Youth of Guangdong Province”. GDUFE has 14 Nanling Scholars and 28 doctoral supervisors, and it hires Members of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and top-level foreign talents as discipline consultants. It has one national teaching team, 20 provincial teaching teams, and 33 excellent teachers who are awarded the title of “Famous Teachers of Guangdong Province”, “Outstanding Teachers Of Southern Guangdong” and “Outstanding Young Teachers Of Provincial Colleges And Universities”.



3. Talents Cultivation

GDUFEs educational philosophy is to foster studentsall-round development by student-centered education and develop studentspractical skills in accordance with their aptitudes. GDUFE is constantly perfecting the idea of Teachers-led, students-oriented, theoretical studies combined with practical learning, in-class education combined with extra-curricular activities, actual classrooms combined with virtual classrooms, and on-campus resources combined with off-campus resourceswith the aim to cultivate all-round highly trained young experts with sound morals, scientific spirits, humanistic qualities, professional knowledge and international visions.

In recent years, GDUFE has made a number of achievements in the training of high-achievers:

The “Economic and Management Experimental Teaching Center” is one of the first two national teaching demonstration centers in China and is selected as the National virtual simulation experimental teaching center. The Economic and Management Talents Cultivation Experimental Zone which strives to educate students with entrepreneurial ambitions and potential is a national experimental zone for innovative educational methods. 

GDUFE is also one of the first national educational centers for outstanding law students, as well as a center for university students cultural education. Besides these, there is a Practical Teaching center for Economics (jointly run with the Guangzhou Local Tax Bureau), which is functioning at a national level.

GDUFE is the one of the first universities that is approved by the ministry of education to develop graduate courses. GDUFE is also a platform for international young experts specializing in applied accounting and taxation.

An innovative and entrepreneurial education model centerd around finance and economics has been developed by GDUFE. In this way the university has become a demonstration university for innovation and entrepreneurship education.

GDUFEs graduate employment rate is one of the highest among all universities in the province and the graduates’ quality has consistently been relatively high. In the past five years, employer satisfaction rate regarding GDUFE graduates has been 99%.


4. Scientific Research

Adhering to the idea of “pursuing truth and applying the results” in scientific research, GDUFE is continuously upgrading its level of scientific research.

It has 21 research platforms of provincial level, covering frontier fields such as applied economics, law, public finance, technological finance, big data, e-commerce, innovation capability of Greater Bay Area, digital economics etc.

Focusing on the theme of high-quality economic development in the Bay Area, GDUFE has participated in drafting 3 pieces of local laws and regulations, and provided GDUFE solutions for the reform and opening up and the construction and development of the Greater Bay Area. 79 research and consulting reports have been recognized by municipal, provincial leaders and Central government, and 43 research and consulting reports have been adopted by municipal, provincial government departments and Central government. 68 experts have been employed as decision-making consulting experts for Party and government departments at or above the provincial level, and 3 think tanks have been selected as the source think tanks of the China Think Tank Evaluation and Research Center.

In the past two years, 3 major national social science projects, 65 national research projects, 166 provincial research projects were conducted by GDUFE. Over 500 papers were published in core journals such as China Law, Economic Research, Management World, etc. 9 works received the award of “provincial excellent scientific research”.

“The Journal of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics” is a  resources journal of CSSCI, and listed as a national Chinese core journal, a national AMI core journal for humanities and social sciences, a national core journal for RCCSE, a core journal for China humanities and social science, and it is on the list of the Top 100 best journals in Chinese universities, etc.


5. International Exchanges and Cooperation

GDUFE sticks to the strategy of internationalization of education by proactively seeking international quality educational resources with the aim to educate all-round young talents with global competence.

It’s a member of the Association of Belt & Road Universities, the University Alliance of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the Association of Universities of Finance and Economics for Belt & Road Education Internationalization of Industry– University Collaboration and the Association of China-Russia Economic Universities, Graduate Education of Higher Education Institutions Alliance of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, Law Education and Talents Training Alliance of Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Base or Ministry of Education “Innovation Center for China-US Youth Exchange” program and Base for “Talents Cultivation for People to people exchange in Intellectual Manufacturing”. Its also the cooperative institution of Ministry of Education International Training Base for Future Technical Skills and People-to-people Exchange Talents program; it was approved to conduct  2021 Rural Revitalization Talent Training Program sponsored by China Scholarship Council, and Youth Global Competence Training Project authorized by the Ministry of Education. It’s also awarded “Innovative Talents Training Base” and “Best Partner ”for Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Program of Ministry of Education.

GDUFE has developed an international education platform for highly trained young talents in the applied sciences, mainly by having established partnerships with more than 70 universities and educational agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asian countries etc., as well as in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, implementing nearly 60 programs of joint education at all levels.

GDUFE has developed an international training platform for teaching and managerial personnel: GDUFE has established 2 overseas training bases at Pace University, USA, and at the University of Western Australia.

GDUFE has developed 9 international (including Hongkong, Macao and Tawai Taiwan) innovative platforms for joint scientific research and has been hosting influential international forums such as the “International Forum on Economic Development in the Bay Area and the “International Forum of China and Latin American Countries on Taxation. GUFE has held top-level international forums or seminars such as International Forum on Greater Bay Area Economic Development and China-Latin America International Forum on Taxation.

                            NoteData was calculated on October 28th, 2022.


Enrollment Plan



Postgraduate program



 Teaching Language


International Trade

(Academic Master Degree)

School   of Economics


Chinese/ English



(Professional Master Degree)

School of Finance


Chinese/ English



(Professional Master Degree)

School of Accounting


Chinese/ English



(Professional Master Degree)

School of Law


Chinese/ English



(Professional Master Degree)

School of Business Administration/Cantonese Business School


Chinese/ English



1)  Applications for on-campus accommodation will be processed on a “first come, first serve” basis. 

2) Teaching mode is subject to the adjustment of GDUFE.


Length of Study


1. for academic master degree: 3 academic years

2. for professional master degree: 2 academic years


   Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship: 20,000 RMB per academic year for qualified candidates.

Fees and Payment


1. Application fee: 500RMB yuan. Please attach the payment receipt with the application documents, otherwise the application is supposed to be invalid. The bank account information is as follows:

Account number714657755062

Opening bankGuangzhou Xingangzhonglu Branch, Bank of China (中国银行广州新港中路支行)

Account name:广东财经大学


Code: 104581018030

 Alipay and wechat pay are not accepted. You may go to the bank directly or use mobile banking to make payments.

2. Tuition of any postgraduate program (not including MBA): 25000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 3700 US dollars)

Note: The international student who is sufficiently proficient in Chinese and thus capable of studying with the Chinese students in the same class can apply for any postgraduate program at GDUFE. Tuition in this case is 40% off, i.e., 15000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 2200 US dollars).


3. Tuition of MBA program: 28000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 4200 US dollars)


4. Accommodation (single-room) for any program:

 Twin room: 6000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 900 US dollars) – charged water, electricity, boiled drinking water and hot bathing water

 Single room:  12000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 1800 US dollars) – charged water, electricity, boiled drinking water and hot bathing water

5. The tuition and accommodation fees shall be paid in RMB by cash or by bank card on one-academic year basis on the day of check-in and registration.


Application Period


                                                                            May 15th for fall intake



  • non-Chinese nationality

  • age 20-50

  • with a bachelor degree of the relevant program

  • in good physical and mental health

  • be friendly to China.

  • English proficiency: IELTS minimum 6.0, or TOEFL IBT minimum 80(Native speakers of English are exempt from the English language test)

  • HSK 4 certificate if applying for Chinese-taught majors

Application Documents



2. one photocopy of the applicant’s valid passport

3. one photocopy of the applicant’s transcripts certified by the institution from which the applicant has graduated (A notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded if the original version is in other languages.)

4. one photocopy of the applicant’s undergraduate diploma (if offered) and bachelor degree certificate (A notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded if the original version is in other languages. The graduating applicant can provide an original pre-graduation certificate issued by his or her present university.)

5. Recommendation Letters by 2 (associate) professors of the institution where the applicant has done his or her undergraduate studies

6. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT (see Attachment 2 for a template) and certificate of deposit of the applicant or the applicant’s parent (at least 40,000 RMB yuan) 

7. four passport photos

8. Personal Statement written in Chinese or English, which includes the applicant’s study experience, work experience, academic achievements, as well as study and research plan at GDUFE

9. Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship Application Form (if apply) (See Attachment 3)

10. IELTS or TOEFL (IBT) scores report (if already obtained)

11. one photocopy of HSK certificate and of HSK score report (if already obtained)

12. publications (if applicable)

13. award(s) that can prove the applicant’s merit (if applicable)

14. Physical Examination result (see attachment IV)

15. Non-criminal Record


Application Procedures


Step 1: Before 15th May, the applicant should post, email, fax or hand-deliver his or her application documents to the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of GDUFE. Email address: fao3@gdufe.edu.cn

.Step 2: GDUFE will interview in English the eligible applicants (internet or face-to-face) at a time and place to be notified later.

Step 3: GDUFE will issue and courier to the candidate the following documents: Study-in-China Certificate, Admission Notification, Information for Admission, and the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).

Step 4: The candidate should apply for a X1 or X2 visa by submitting to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate the above-mentioned Study-in-China Certificate, Admission Notification and the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).

Step 5: The candidate should check in and register at GDUFE on the day stated on the application notification (The registration day is normally at the beginning of the fall semester in the admission year, starting date of which varies in each year), pay the tuition and accommodation fees for the first academic year, and thereby become a GDUFE student.

Contact us


Address: Office of International Exchange and Cooperation,

Guangdong University of Finance & Economics,

21 Luntou Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510320, Guangdong Province,

P. R. China

Contact Person: Emma Shi

Tel: +86 20 8409 6080

Fax: +86 20 8409 6140

E-mail: fao3@gdufe.edu.cn

Website: http://english.gdufe.edu.cn/


Study and Graduation Requirements


See the teaching plans of relevant postgraduate programs, please visit our website at: http://english.gdufe.edu.cn/1838/list.htm


Information for Admission


1. The international student shouldpay by cash or by bank card the tuition and accommodation fees in RMB on one-academic year basis on the day of check-in and registration.

2. Within 30 days since the date of entering into China, the international student shall apply, with the assistance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff, for the Residence Permit at Guangzhou Public Security Department. If the international student prefers to off-campus accommodation, he or she should apply for permission by GDUFE, and then, with the assistance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff, go through the registration formalities at Guangzhou Public Security Department.

3. Upon successful registration as a GDUFE student, the international student shall, with the assistance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff, accept physical examination at Guangzhou Health Care Centre for International Travel. If he or she is diagnosed as suffering from severe mental disorder, contagious tuberculosis, or any other infectious disease that is likely to cause serious harm to public health, the public security department will handle the case according to the relevant law of the People’s Republic of China.

4. The international student is required to buy insurance under the guidance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff. Any new international student who fails to be insured will not be admitted. Any international student who has already studied at GDUFE but fails to obtain insurance will be required to indefinitely suspend study or will not be registered again.

5. The international student should abide by China’s laws and regulations, respect the Chinese ethics and customs, observe the rules and regulations of GDUFE, and finish school within 3-7 academic years.

6. The international student enjoys the same facilities and medical services as the Chinese student, but does not enjoy any scholarship or grant that is provided for the Chinese student only. Any international student who has been registered as full-time postgraduate for master-degree studies, and is excellent in comprehensive performance, can apply for Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship (20000 RMB yuan per academic year).

7. The international student is encouraged to take part in the cultural and sport activities which are beneficial to mental and physical health. He or she can also volunteer to participate in the public services and the events of celebrating China’s important holidays and festivals.

8. Upon approval by GDUFE, the international students can gather to celebrate their own country’s important traditional festivals within the designated location and scope on GDUFE campus, provided that such celebrations do not oppose or attack other countries/nations, or offend public morality.

9. Upon approval by GDUFE, the international students can set up campus clubs of fellowship, and carry out activities within the scope as specified in China’s relevant laws and regulations, provided that such campus clubs are subject to the guidance and administration by the GDUFE Office of Student Affairs.

10. GDUFE respects the ethnical customs and religious beliefs of the international students, but does not provide religious service facilities. Religious activities in any form are strictly prohibited on campus, which include, but are not limited to, missionary and religious assembly.

11. While studying at GDUFE, the international student can participate in the Work-study Program on GDUFE campus, but is not allowed to take up any occupation, or to engage in trade, or to carry out any other profit-making activities.

12. After graduation, the international students who are excellent in comprehensive performance can apply for employment or entrepreneurship in China.

For more information, please feel free to contact us,

or visit http://english.gdufe.edu.cn/

You are welcome to apply for studying at

Guangdong University of Finance & Economics (GDUFE),

a prestigious institution of higher education in South China.


Attachment I

广东财经大学国际学生入学申请表 (application form ).docx

Attachment II

经济保证证明 (Statement of Financial Support).docx

Attachment III

广东省政府来粤留学生奖学金 (Guangdong Government Outstanding   International Student Scholarship Application Form).docx

Attachment IV