Department of Advertising

Li Yuting (female) is a lecturer, the Advertising Department head and the Master of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. She is also a Visiting Scholar at the Advertising Research Institute, Southern Methodist University, US.   

Social part-time posts: Member of Academic Board, Adverting Association of China; Member of Advertising Professional Committee, Higher Education Institute of China, Member of News & Communication Professional Committee, Higher Education Institute of China; Member of Arts & Design Education Association of Guangdong Colleges & Universities.

Research orientations in recent years: Modern Design Theory; Brand Strategy & Communication Research.

Publications & Scientific Research: 2 works and teaching textbooks published; Over 20 papers published, 3 of which won provincial awards. She has taken charge of a provincial scientific & research project Studies on Application of Integrated Thinking in Talents Development of Creative Design Industry; and a teaching & research project Construction of University Students’ Practice Teaching Base in Guangdong Advertising Company Ltd. She has also taken charge of 2 lateral issues and 2 campus projects, participated in 1 Guangdong Philosophy & Social Science project and 1 issue of Science Technology Department and taken charge and completed 2 projects of Computer Aided Teaching Course Construction and participated in 2 projects of the same kind. 

She is engaged in teaching the courses of Advertising, Advertising Planning, Advertising Operation & Management, Visual Culture & Artistic Quality and Creative Industry Management.