Bachelor Programs

Education Goal
 The Law Degree (LL.B) at GDUFE provides students with the opportunity to pursue their studies in various legal fields, as well as to to explore knowledge in a wider context. The four-year program is designed to equip students with the following skills and legal knowledge:

  • a solid foundation in legal knowledge;

  •  the fundamental professional knowledge and skills;

  • comprehension of legislation, regulations and the Party policies;

  • adaptation to the challenges arising from the socialist market economy and the needs of society based on the rule of law;

  •  an awareness of self-taught and cultivating a practical and innovative competence in the legal profession;

  •  versatile talents and professionals that are required by being as legislators or judicial officers in the government, judiciary and legal services, or serve as legal professionals in cooperation and social groups.

Period of Study and Award of Degree 
 The curriculum for LL.B requires four semesters of full-time study. Candidates should not be permitted to extend their studies beyond the maximum period of four academic years. Upon completion of the four-year program, students will be awarded the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B).

 Constitutional and Administrative Law, Procedural Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Jurisprudence, Economic Law, International Law.

Professional Core Courses: 
 Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, History of Chinese Legal System, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure, Economic Law, International Law, Commercial Law, International Economic Law, Intellectual Property, Private International Law, Contract Law, Marriage and Family Law, Regulations and Policies of Lawyers and Notaries, Legal English, Legal Writing, etc.

Employment Situation of Undergraduates 
 Since its establishment, the School of Law has been training graduates who excel in judiciary, prosecution, police management, customs services, bureau of industry and commerce, bureau of taxation and other government offices. Our alumni also include distinguished legal professionals in the banking sector, insurance companies, law firms and cooperating with national decision-makers. The employment rate remains around 98% over the recent two years.