Teaching and Research Achievements

Teaching Research Projects of the School of Law (2010-2015)

Release Date: 2017-09-22
Teaching Research Projects of the School of Law (2010-2015)
No.Project LeaderProject NameEstablishment YearLevel
1Deng ShibaoNational Education Base for Outstanding Legal Talents2012National
2Ji ZongyiTeaching and Learning Cultivation Project-Research and Practice in the Deep Reform of Cultivation of Legal Talents- Key Reference Textbook(Experimental)2010Provincial
3Du ChengmingGuangdong Experimental Teaching and Learning Center2011Provincial
4Fang WencuiResearches and Practices in the Reform of Teaching and Learning in Law2011Provincial
5Yao LanReform of Experimental Teaching  in Court Science- A Perspective on Cultivation of Outstanding Legal Talents2012Provincial
6Deng ShibaoComprehensive Reform of Study Programme in Law(Experimental)2013Provincial
7Du ChengmingGuangdong Key Resource-Sharing Course:Constitutional Law(Advanced Project)2013Provincial
8Du ChengmingExperimental Education Base in Law of GDUFE2013Provincial
9Du ChengmingExploration and Practices in the Reform of  Methods of Cultivating Outstanding Legal Talents: a Case of GDUFE2013Provincial
10Fang WencuiOn the Syllabuses for Cultivation of "Outstanding Legal Talents"2013Provincial
11Deng ShibaoPilot Faculty:School of Law2014Provincial
12Fang WencuiTeaching Team-Study Programme of Cultivation of Outstanding Legal Talents2014Provincial
13Meng GuobiExcellent Reference Textbook-International Economic Law2014Provincial
14Lv XiaomingPlanning and Improving the Teaching and Learning Programme in the Universities of Finance and Economics-A Perspective on the GDUFE2014Provincial
15Fang WencuiTeaching and Learning Materials Research Fund- On the Reform and Practice of the Syllabuses for Cultivation of Outstanding Legal Talents2014Provincial
16Du ChengmingResearch and Practice of Legal Talents for Legislative Science2015Provincial
17Du ChengmingKey Off-Campus Teaching Base-Guangzhou Haizhu People's Procuratorate2010GDUFE
18Peng ZhenjunExcellent Course-Economics Law2010GDUFE
19Du ChengmingTeaching Team-Group Teaching Methods in Constitutional Law2010GDUFE
20Yao LanResearch on the Fundamental and Experimental Teaching Skills of Court Science2010GDUFE
21Yang JingComprehensive Research on Police Management2010GDUFE
22Xu JingliKey Reference Textbook for Legal Practice: Law on Solving Disputes Arising from Marriage and Family2011GDUFE
23Liu HongExcellent Course- Criminalistics2011GDUFE
24Dai JitaoKey Course Programme-Role Play in the Course of Human Rights Law on Blackboard Platform2011GDUFE
25Liu WeiKey Course Programme-Reform of Teaching Methods to the Course of Jurisprudence on Blackboard Platform2011GDUFE
26Meng GuobiKey Course in Digitization of Teaching and Learning Programme:International Economic Law2011GDUFE
27Xie WeiApplication and Design on the Database of Case Studies in Environmental Law2012GDUFE
28Xu SufangExploration of Teaching Methodology and Open Testing in Legal Studies2012GDUFE
29Yang JingOff-campus Teaching and Learning Base: Sanshui Police Station of Fushan2012GDUFE
30Fang WencuiTeaching Team of  "Outstanding Legal Talents"2014GDUFE
31Liu WeiCourse Guidelines for the Skills in Legal Negotiation2014GDUFE