Our Leaders

Liu Zuhua

Release Date: 2020-07-30

Liu Zuhua, male, Han nationality, was born in October 1965 and is a native of Wuhan, Hubei Province. He holds a Bachelor's degree and now serves as the Deputy Party Secretary and President of Labor Union of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics (GDUFE). He is responsible for work related to propaganda, ideology, teachers' ethics construction, confidential matters, Labor Union and campus information construction, in charge of Publicity Department of the Party Committee (Party Committee Teacher Work Department and News Center), Trade Union Committee and Network Information Center, and serving as the liaison with the Party Committees of University Administrations, the School of Humanities and Communication and its Party Committee, the School of Marxism and its General Party Branch, the Party Branch directly under the Network Information Center, and GDUFE Branch of China Association for Promoting Democracy.

 He joined the army and began work in September 1984. After graduation from Artillery Technical College in July 1988, he worked as Platoon Leader, Training Corps Sub-unit Leader and Teacher, and Secretary of the Publicity Section of the Political Department of First Artillery Division; Secretary of the Publicity Division of the Political Department of the 42nd Group Army; Secretary and Director of the Education Division of the Propaganda Department, Director of the Office of Theory Research, and Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the Political Department of Guangzhou Military Area Command; Deputy Director of the Publicity Division and Director of the Organization Division of the Political Department of People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison; Director of the Political Department of People’s Liberation Army Macao Garrison. He worked as the Political Commissioner of Xiaogan Military Sub-area in Hubei in December 2014. Since December 2018, he has held the current post.