Who We Are?




Founded in 1983 with the approval from China State Council, it was formerly known as Guangdong College of Finance and Economics, offering bachelor degrees.In 1985, it was renamed Guangdong Business College. Since 2003, it has been authorized to confer masters degrees. In 2008, it received an Excellent rating in the undergraduate education evaluation conducted by Chinas Ministry of Education. In 2013, it was renamed Guangdong University of Finance & Economics, and was authorized to confer doctor’s degrees in 2021.

Since its establishment, the university has adhered to the motto of  Virtue, Assiduity, Enterprise, Innovation, adhered to the philosophy of Learning etiquette, Music, and Literature, and being proficient in professional skills, and the management strategy of Rule of law, Science, Democracy, and Sunshine, highlighting the characteristics of integration of business and law, practical entrepreneurship, and diverse collaboration. It has cultivated a large number of applied and compound talents with good ideological and moral values, scientific spirit, humanistic literacy, professional knowledge, and international perspectives for the country Innovative senior specialized talents. After 40 years of development, GDUFE has become a finance and economics institution with distinct disciplinary characteristics, strong teaching staff, significant educational achievement, high social influence and reputation. It is a member unit of the New Liberal Arts Construction Guidance Committee for undergraduate universities in Guangdong Province, a demonstration university for governing schools in accordance with the law in Guangdong Province, and a demonstration unit for innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students in Guangdong Province. Currently, GDUFE is making strides towards the goal of building a first-class university of finance and economics in the Greater Bay Area.

It consists of two campuses with a total land area of about 150 hectares. Guangzhou Campus is located in the core area of Pazhou Economic Development Zone, and the Foshan campus is located within the scenic Yundonghai Tourism Economic Zone, Foshan city. GDUFE has abundant teaching resources, complete research facilities, and a total value of 178.5 million yuan in teaching and research equipmentThe libraries have a collection of over 5.01 million books, 1.43 million electronic journals, and a building area of 54000 square meters. Experimental and practical teaching has achieved significant results. The National Demonstration Center for Economic and Management Experimental Teaching is one of the first two national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers in the field of economics and management in China, and has been selected as one of the first national level virtual simulation experimental teaching centers. Currently, there are 2 innovative experimental zones for national talent cultivation models, 1 national college student practical teaching base, 7 national first-class courses and national bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 1 national high-quality course, and 1 national education and teaching achievement award. GDUFE has been selected as one of the first batch of outstanding legal talent education and training bases in China, as well as a national cultural literacy education base for college students.

1. Disciplines and Programs

GDUFE has developed a multi-disciplinary education system in economics, management, law, humanities, science, engineering and arts, and it vigorously promote new Liberal Arts discipline, new Business Discipline and interdisciplinary Study.

GDUFE offers 66 bachelor programs, among which, 18 are listed as “First-class” key national undergraduate programs16 as outstanding programs of provincial level. There are 1 doctoral degree conferring discipline, 9 first-level disciplines, 1 second-level discipline offering master degree programs, and 18 professional master programsThe total enrollment of full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students is over 32,000. 

2. Faculty

Adhering to the strategy of strengthening GDUFE with talents, GDUFE has built a team of teachers with reasonable structure, good quality, high level and vigor. 

It boasts nearly 1,600 full-time faculty, 57% of whom are doctorate holders, 44% are professors, and 26% have overseas study experience. 

There are more than 70 talents at the national, provincial and ministerial levels or above, and 43 school-level Nanling Scholars in GDUFE It has one national teaching team, 29 provincial teaching teams, and 39 excellent teachers who are awarded the title of “Famous Teachers of Guangdong Province”, “Outstanding Teachers Of Southern Guangdong” and “Outstanding Young Teachers Of Provincial Colleges And Universities”.

3. Scientific Research

Adhering to the idea of “pursuing truth and applying the results” in scientific research, and the philosophy of “seeking support through services, pursuing development through making contribution”, GDUFE is continuously offering wisdom of GDUFE and making its voice sound

In the past three years, we have undertaken 315 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, including 3 national social science major key projects, 59 national level scientific research projects, and major research projects in philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of Education. It has won 9 provincial and ministerial level or above scientific research achievement awards and published 829 high-level papers in core journals such as Economic Research, Legal Research, and Managing the World. Focusing on the theme of high-quality economic development in the Bay Area, GDUFE has participated in drafting 6 pieces of local laws and regulations, and provided GDUFE solutions for the reform and opening up and the construction and development of the Greater Bay Area. There are 113 research and consulting reports have been recognized by municipal, provincial leaders and Central government, and 125 research and consulting reports have been adopted by municipal, provincial government departments and Central government. Also70 experts have been employed as decision-making consulting experts for Party and government departments at or above the provincial level, and 3 think tanks have been selected as the source think tanks of the China Think Tank Evaluation and Research Center.

In the past two years, 3 major national social science projects, 65 national research projects, 166 provincial research projects were conducted by GDUFE. Over 500 papers were published in core journals such as China Law, Economic Research, Management World, etc. And there are 9 works received the award of “Provincial Excellent Scientific Research”.

“The Journal of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics” is a  resources journal of CSSCI, and listed as a national Chinese core journal, a national AMI core journal for humanities and social sciences, a national core journal for RCCSE, a core journal for China humanities and social science, and it is on the list of the Top 100 best journals in Chinese universities, etc. 

4International Exchanges and Cooperation

GDUFE sticks to the strategy of internationalization of education by proactively seeking international quality educational resources with the aim to educate all-round young talents with global competence. It has established partnerships with more than 70 universities and scientific research agencies around the globe.

It joins membership in 

-the Association of Belt & Road Universities

-the University Alliance of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

-the Association of Universities of Finance and Economics for Belt & Road Education Internationalization of Industry– University Collaboration

-the Association of China-Russia Economic Universities

-Graduate Education of Higher Education Institutions Alliance of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

-Law Education and Talents Training Alliance of Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and many others.

It is listed as Base or Ministry of Education “Innovation Center for China-US Youth Exchange” program and Base for “Talents Cultivation for People to people exchange in Intellectual Manufacturing”. It is also the cooperative institution of Ministry of Education International Training Base for Future Technical Skills and People-to-people Exchange Talents program; and it was approved to conduct Rural Revitalization Talent Training Program” sponsored by China Scholarship Council, and “Youth Global Competence Training Project” authorized by the Ministry of Education. It is also awarded “Innovative Talents Training Base” and “Best Partner ” for Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Program of Ministry of Education. Also, it leads the establishment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University Digital Economy Alliance. The Goethe Language LearninCenter is the only official authoritative institution in South China that provides German language training and Goethe level exams.

We will steadfastly promote high-quality growth and seek to make new and greater contributions to Guangdong, leading the country on a new path and producing new brilliance.