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Zou Xinyue

Release Date: 2017-09-21

Zou Xinyue, born inApril,1965 in Hunan,professor,postgraduate supervisor, holds a PhD in Economics and did his postdoctoraltraining at Fudan University. He was a visiting scholar sponsored by the national government at the University of Toronto in Canada. In June,2015, he was appointed as Vice President of Guangdong University of Finance andEconomics. He is responsible for the university development program, scientificresearch, personal affairs and birth control.

He studied in Central South University of Technology (now Central SouthUniversity) and in Finance School of the ShanghaiUniversity of Finance and Economics. After he finished his master degree studyin 1993, he taught in Xiangtan College of Technology and Hunan University ofScience &Technology (formed by merging of the two universities: XiangtanCollege of Technology and Xiangtan Normal University),being Deputy Director of Department of Economic Management in XiangtanCollege of Technology, Deputy Director of Personnel Department, Director ofPersonnel Department and Dean of Management School in Hunan University ofScience &Technology successively. In 2005, he was supported by the “Programfor New Century Excellent Talents" by the Ministry of Education. In July,2008, he served as Dean of the Finance College in Guangdong University ofBusiness Studies. He was elected as the second-level candidate of the“10-1,00-10,00 Propaganda Front Talents Project” in 2009. In September, 2012,he was named “Excellent Teacher in Nanyue (Guangdong)”

Main Research Areas: His main research areas include Risk Management of CommercialBanks, Monetary Policy, and Internet Finance. He publishedover 60 papers inChinese Journal ofManagement Science, Economic Perspectives, StatisticalResearch, China Soft Science,andChinaIndustrialEconomy.Furthermore, He obtained a number ofresearch grants, including 2 State Social Science Fund Projects,3 State Natural Science Fund Projects, 1 Science Fund Project for PostdoctoralResearchers, 4 Guangdong Philosophy and Social Sciences Achievements Awards and1 Guangdong Teaching Achievements Award.

Social Positions: Financial Advisory Expert of 12thNPCStanding Committee of Guangdong, Executive Director and Deputy Secretary Generalof Guangdong Economy Association, Guangzhou majoradministrative decision expert, Deputy Director of the Teaching Guidance Committee for the Discipline of Finance of Guangdong Province