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The Campus Cultural Activities

Ten special activities of quality education: according to the arrangements and requirements of The Plan for The Reform of The Quality Education in Sanshui Campus of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, the Communist Youth League and the Office of Student Affairs steadily promote the ten special activities of student quality education with the joint efforts of college leaders, teachers and students.

Firstly, let the students flourish with a passion for reading.

We develop the activities of creating reading blogs under the theme of happy reading. Students of Sanshui campus are encouraged to read 15 well-selected books and 20 books or film reviews. The students should also write 5 book reports and 1 book or film review every year. Furthermore, they will set up their personal reading blogs on the website of Reading and Growth, which will release a popular list among these reading blogs and decide the best one at the end of the year. What’s more, we will start our happy reading activities in every class. Class of the laureate will be judged based on their performances in the following four fields: recommending good books, reading good books, writing reading reviews and taking part in a reading demonstration contest.

Reading Demonstration Competition

Secondly, let the students grow up with innovative practices. 

On the one hand, we will organize innovation and entrepreneurship competition once a year. The competition is divided into three series: the academic and technical works competition, the business plan design competition and the mathematical modeling competition. Excellent works from these competitions will be recommended to the national competition.The innovation and entrepreneurship centre on Guangzhou Campus will also give guidance and support for the simulation or even the actual operation of the excellent business plans. On the other hand, we carry out research activities. After combining our students'opinions, social burning topics and our subject characteristics, we determine our research programs and then motivate several thousand students of Sanshui Campus to actively participate in the social research activities during the summer holiday. Furthermore, the comprehensive participation of ten key teams and hundreds of general teams in the activities act as an important platform for students to apply what they have learned.

Social Practice

Challenge Cup

Thirdly, let the students grow up in ability-developing environment. 

We hold speech and debate competitions. In order to develop the students’ ability in language use as well as critical thinking, and to arm them with the basic skills in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, we hold a speech contest, a debate contest and an English speech contest each year. We also encourage students to attend the National English Contest for College Students. And then, we carry out team trainings about potential development. Based on the quality development on Sanshui Campus, we start the team trainings on different stages, batches and classifications so that we can cultivate students’abilities of organization coordination, teamwork and so on. Besides, we carry stress tolerance trainings under the theme of youth mental health. We train the students to be peer mental counselors on various stages and batches. We also start the mutual stress tolerance trainings among the peer group. In this way, we can develop students'psychological quality of teamwork and resistance for stress and failures.

Psychological Guidance

Debate Competition

Master of Ceremony Competition

Dance Competition

Campus Singers Competition

Freshmen Self-image Design Competition