A Brief Overview

About Scientific Research of GDUFE

Adhering to the idea of  pursuing truth and applying the results in scientific research, GDUFE is continuously upgrading its level of scientific research. The following are key areas of our endeavors:

- GDUFE has five key research centers for Humanity and Social Sciences:  Research Center for National Economics; Research Center for Legal and Economic Development; Research Center for Public Finance in Guangdong Area; Research Institute for Capital Market and Auditing Governance in the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area; Research Institute for Innovative Competitiveness in the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area;

- One Provincial Collaborative innovation Platform: i.e. Collaborative innovation Development Platform for Technology and Finance Industry in Pearl-River Delta;

- One Key Laboratory for Philosophy and Social Sciences: Laboratory for Big Data and Educational Statistics Application;

- One Provincial Key Think Tank: Think Tank for South China Business Development;

- One Provincial Research Center for Engineering Technology: Guangdong Research Center for Intelligent Business Engineering Technology;

- Two Provincial Research centers for Decision Consultancy: Research Center for Logistics and E-Commerce, Research Center for the Open Economy;

- Two Provincial Research centers for Social Sciences: Research Center for Business History of South China, Research Center for Rural Area Construction;

- Two Municipal Research centers for Humanities and Social Sciences: Guangzhou Research Base for Modern Logistics and E-commerce development, and Guangzhou Research Base for Metropolitan Literature and Culture.

In the past five years, 96 national research projects, 353 provincial research projects, 3 national significant tending projects sponsored by The National Social Sciences Fund of China and  Key Projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research (Ministry of Education), were conducted by our university.

1363 papers were published in core journals such as China Science, Economic Research, Management World, etc. 291 papers were indexed by SCI, EI, ISTP. 213 books were published. 31 works received the award of provincial excellent scientific research” including 4 first class and 12 “second class.

The Journal of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics” is a  resources journal of CSSCI, and listed as a national Chinese core journal, a national AMI core journal for humanities and social sciences, a national core journal for RCCSE, a core journal for China humanities and social science, and it is on the list of the Top 100 best journals in Chinese universities, etc. 

                                                      Social Services

Adhering to the service philosophy of Gaining support by doing service and seeking development by contribution, GDUFE conducts scientific research and offers consultancy service in response to the needs of economic and social development of Guangdong Province.

67 professors are appointed as decision consultancy experts, provincial contingency management consultants, legislative legal consultants and finance consultants, etc.

GDUFE has established long-term partnerships with the government and all sectors of society. Most important among these are:

- “Research Center for Guangdong Tax Service ”, jointly built by the National Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau;

- “Internet Plus Taxation Research Center”, jointly built by Guangdong Taxation Society and Bozhi Information Technology Company Ltd.,;

- The first Tax Personnel Education College”,  jointly built by Guangzhou Tax Bureau;

- “Guangzhou Collaborative Innovation Research Institute for Technology and Finance , jointly built by Guangzhou Technology and Finance Comprehensive Service Center Ltd.;

- “Guangdong Collaborative Research Center for Tourism Industry”, jointly built  by Guangdong Research Center for Tourism Development;

- “Qingyuan City Legislative Research Evaluation and Consultancy Service Base ”, jointly built by Qingyuan People's Congress Standing Committee;

- “Dongguang E-Commerce Research Institute was jointly built by Humen, Dongguan city.

Besides these, a myriad of strategic partnership agreements have been signed with different city governments such as Qingyuan, Kaiping, Xinfeng, Hezhou and with different industries and enterprises.