Postgraduate Program

Master Programs (Academic)

First Grade DisciplinesSecond Grade DisciplinesSchools/DepartmentsDegree
Applied EconomicsNational EconomicsNational Economy Research CenterEconomics
Regional EconomicsSchool of Economics and Trade 
Public Finance(including Taxation)School of Public Finance and Taxation
Finance(including Insurance)School of Finance
Industrial EconomicsSchool of Economics and Trade
International Trade
Quantitative Economics
LawLaw TheorySchool of LawLaw
Constitutional Law and Administrative Law 
Criminal Jurisprudence
Civil Law and Commercial Law
Litigation Law
Economic Law
International Law
Marxism TheoryMarxism TheorySchool of MarxLaw
Foreign Languages and LiteraturesEnglish Language and LiteratureSchool of Foreign Language StudiesLiterature
StatisticsStatisticsSchool of Mathematics and StatisticsNatural Science
Management Science and EngineeringManagement Science and EngineeringSchool of Information Technology,


Management Science

Business Administration
AccountingSchool of AccountingManagement
Business ManagementSchool of Business Administration
Tourism ManagementSchool of Geography and Tourism,
Tourism ManagementInstitute of Tourism Management and Planning
Technology Economy and ManagementSchool of Information and Technology
Business Culture & EthicsSchool of Humanities and Communication

Master Programs (Professionals)

Master of FinanceSchool of Finance (Education Center of Master of Finance)Finance
Master of InsuranceSchool of Economics and Trade (Education Center of Master of Insurance)Insurance
Jurisprudence MasterSchool of Law (Education Center of Jurisprudence Master)Jurisprudence
Master of Business AdministrationMBA Education CenterBusiness Administration
Master of Professional AccountingSchool of AccountingAccounting
Master of Public AdministrationSchool of Public AdministrationPublic Administration
Master of TaxationSchool of Public Finance and TaxationTaxation