Bachelor Programs

Visual Communication Design

Release Date: 2017-09-22

Students of Visual Communication Design are expected to understand the basic theories of communication and marketing and gain a broad vision of international design culture. They will learn about the concept of internationally advanced advertising culture as well as aspects of Chinese design culture. They should become creative in advertising and design implementation which will meet the needs of innovative times, combining traditional planes (printing) with modern digital media. They should develop skills in advertising design and become competent in advertising communication design, planning, teaching/research and communication design management for use in professional design fields, enterprises, communication institutions, government functional departments or teaching & researching institutions.

We offer 4-year undergraduate programs and grant Bachelor of Arts degrees. We have 6 professional teachers, of whom 2 are associate professors, 2 are excellent advisors at national level and 2 are excellent advisors at provincial level. Our program focuses on the intrinsic correlation between specialty & practice and thinking & implementation. Our teaching is characterized by combining creative competition with classroom teaching. Our students have won more than 300 awards among which 20 are Gold Prizes at National Advertising Arts Contests or at Advertising Contests held on campus by our School of Advertising.