Bachelor Programs

Environment Art Design

Release Date: 2017-09-22

Students of Environment Design are expected to develop excellent environment design skills and an acute awareness of space planning, with the help of modern teaching methods. They will master the basic theories of design management, project skills & materials, architecture, interior or exterior environment design and exhibition design. They will become competent in design innovation and design practice and will be able to meet the needs of China’s environment designing industry and its internationalized development. They will also be able to complete all sorts of tasks related to architecture design, interior or exterior environment art design and exhibition design, or be engaged in professional design and research.

We offer 4-year undergraduate programs and grant Bachelor of Arts degrees. We have 6 professional teachers including 1 professor, 1 associate professor and 4 lecturers. Our programs lay emphasis on professional study and practice, and pay close attention to being contemporary, cultural and forward-looking. Our students have won dozens of first prizes, second prizes and excellent awards in the national “Zhong-zhuang Cup” contest and the Beautiful Village Design Competition held for college students in Guangdong Province.