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School of Art and Design

Release Date: 2020-09-03

School of Art and Design

The School of Art and Design, Guangdong University of Finance & Economics presently offers the following undergraduate programs: Advertising, Visual Communication Design, Animation, Product Design and Environment Design.

The School of Art and Design has built a strong, scientific faculty including 50 full-time educators, of whom 41 are professional teachers and 9 are professors or associate professors. We also invite teachers from the UK and Russia, or from other famous universities within China. Within the faculty, there are 3 senior engineers or designers, 3 authorized senior assessors for the vocational skills of the National Toy Designer by the Vocational Skills Identification Center, Ministry of National Labor and Social Security; several others are leaders or standing directors in national and provincial social & academic organizations. 

In the last 5 years, 133 scientific and teaching research papers and 85 artworks or patents have been published or issued, among which 67 were published in core journals. 7 pieces of works have won awards at national and provincial Art Exhibitions. There were 61 scientific research & teaching research projects conducted at provincial and ministerial level. 103 awards of scientific & teaching research were received; 14 works or textbooks were published.

The School of Art and Design particularly excels at developing students’ creative thinking and understanding of market planning and design execution. It also considers‘Design with Business’ as its unique area of expertise. We have advanced teaching facilities and the latest computer and video technology equipment, with 1800 sq. meters of specialized laboratory. We have built an Off-Campus Practice Base with Guangdong Advertising Groups, 4 large advertising companies awarded first class status domestically, as well as animation & toy game companies and interior design companies.

Since 2005, we have already had nearly 2000 graduates who are now working, studying or living across the country or in foreign countries such as the UK, France, Korea and Australia. For many years, our employment rate has been 100%.