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Circulation Services

Applying for Library Cards

The Campus ID cards (including student cards and staff cards) which are certificated by GDUFE library can be used by readers to borrow books, utilize printing materials and digital resources as well. Non-GDUFE readers may apply for a temporary library card, and have according rights to borrow 3 books at most, and utilize printing materials and digital resources within the library. 

Library Catalog

By cataloging, readers can locate books, journals, and find out information about back issues, including ordering and recording. Besides, readers may reserve specified books and materials. 

Reference Services

Replies to the questions and enquiries about library, which may come by phone, QQ, Wechat, Weibo and so on.  

Subject Services

Subject Navigation

Subject navigation is a database mainly focused on GDUFE chief disciplines and key majors. By linking to the academic resources in Internet and integrating information, subject navigation is able to present the developments and trends concerning a particular research field in a short time. 

Intercampus Loan Services

Books Recommendation

Thesis Submission

After passing the dissertation defense, the postgraduate students need to submit graduation thesis not only in 2 printed copies, but also in electronic full-text form to the library. 

Research Services

Library supports GDUFE faculty on research retrieval by providing materials and information including full-text, citations, bibliography and so on, based on the database which can be retrieved and full-text be acquired. 

Document Delivery Services

User Education

User education includes training, freshman orientation program, information retrieval courses and so on. 

Donating Books

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