Research Team

Leaders and members of the six scientific research innovation teams of GDUFE enjoy a high level of innovation capability. Their research directions cover main subjects including: Economics, Management, Law, Literature and Information Technology. Their research ability ranks among the best in GDUFE, which leads to remarkably wide prospects for industrialization of research achievements. 

The six innovation teams of GDUFE: 

No. Team name Team leader School Establishment date: Remarks
1 Theory and Practice of the Rule of Law Shibao Deng School of Law May, 2010  
2 Information Security and Business Intelligence Technology Jun Zhang School of Information Technology May, 2010  
3 Research on Financial and Accounting Poblems in the Capital Market Hua Wang School of Accounting May, 2010  
4 Research on Investment and Financing in the Financial Market Xinyue  Zou School of Finance April, 2012  
5 Study on Post-1980s Literature and New Media Culture Bing   Jiang School of Humanities and Communication April, 2012  
6 Industrial Organization and Government Regulation, Industry Development and Industrial Policy   School of Economics and Trade April, 2012  

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