Research Institute of Circulation and Economy

Research Institute of Circulation and Economy  
-Guangzhou Research Base for Modern Logistics and E-Business Development

I.Research Staff

1.Director:Wang Xianqing

Professor of Economics  
Master’s Supervisor –Enterprise Management/ Finance  
Academic Area:Circulation and Economics  
Research interest: Commercial Enterprise Management,  Distribution Channel Control,  Professional Market Development, Commercial Network Planning

2.Xu Yinzhou

Professor of Business Economics  
Academic Area: Enterprise Management  
Research interest: Business and Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain, Master’s Supervisor –Enterprise Management

3.Li Zhengkun

Ph.D. Philosophy of Science, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Master’s Supervisor -Technology Economics and Management  
Academic Area: E- Business  
Research interest: E-Business Management, Online Marketing, Webonomics, Mobile Commerce and Wireless, Marketing, Mobile Internet, Social Media and Micromarketing

4.Wang Zhaohui

Professor of Management, Ph.D. of  Management, Post-Doctoral of management, Master’s Supervisor  
Academic Area: Business and Circulation  
Research interest: International Marketing

5.Liu Kaiyun:

Researcher of Economics  
Academic Area: Economics  
Research interest: Economics

6.Dai Shihua

Academic Area: Corporate Social  Responsibility  
Research interest: Corporate Social Responsibility in Retail, Conference and Exhibition

7.Cai Haishan

Assistant Researcher  
Academic Area: Business and Circulation  
Research interest: Business and Trade, Enterprise Management

II.Research Projects

Wang xianqing, 2014: Research on Commercial Complex and the Central Business Zone Development Countermeasures in Foshan,  Foshan Government Research Lab;  
Wang Xianqing, 2013:Commercial Network Development Program in Sanshui District, Foshan,  Economy and Science and Technology Promotion Council of Sanshui District, Foshan; 
Wang Xianqing, 2013: Accelerating the Development of E-commerce to Promote Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Business Services in Tianhe District,  People's Government Office of Tianhe District, Guangzhou;

III. Reasearch Achievements

1. Books

Wang Xianqing, 2014: Channel Power and Control, China Renmin University Press; 
Wang Xianqing, 2015: Distribution Channel Control, Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd,Singapore; 
Wang Xianqing, Lin Zhiying, 2013: Research Report on the Development of Trade Areas in Pearl Delta(2013)-Blue Book of Pearl River Delter Circulation, Social Sciences Academic Press(China);  
Wang Xianqing, Daishihua, Wu Liang, 2014: Research on the International Conference and exhibition, China Social Sciences Press;  
Wang Xianqing, Xiao Yi,  Jian Lina, Li Zhijian, 2008: Report on Development of Guangzhou Distribution Industry, Social sciences Academic Press (China).

2. Papers

Wang Xianqing, 2014:  Problems and Challenges Facing Channel Control, China Market, Journals ;
Wang Xianqing, 2014:  Focus on the Characteristics and Experience of Zhejiang Professional Market Development, Contemporary Economics, Journals; 
Wang Xianqing, 2014:  Channel Control is the Core of the Modern Circulation System, China Market, Journals.

IV. Communication and Cooperation

1.Organized  the seminar of Integration of internal and External Trade & Construction of Circulation Channels in Dec, 2011;
2.Oganized the First Annual Conference of Chinese Specialized Market Development(Guangzhou) in May, 2014. 

21 Luntou Road, Guangzhou 510320, Guangdong, P.R. China