Institute of Regional Economics

Institute of Regional Economics

The Institute of Regional Economics, with two full-time researchers and more than ten part-time researchers, was established in 2003,  being a result of the promotion of regional economy as well as coordinated economic development between regions.

Research Field and Programs

Three research directions have been mainly focused on: firstly, theory and practice of County Region Economics in China; secondly, hotspots and difficult issues regarding the county region economic development of Guangdong Province; thirdly, new problems that emerge during China's economic development.

In recent years, the Institute has undertaken many research projects at national, provincial and departmental levels, an abundance of key projects for the local government as well as projects that have been entrusted by enterprises. At present, one national level project and two projects entrusted by enterprises are in progress.

Research Achievements

By 2015, two academic monographs and more than 110 academic articles have been published by the Institute’s full-time researchers.  Furthermore a number of articles were published in core journals. Many a research reports were valued and adopted by the local government and enterprises, and some of them have been warmly received and highly applauded by senior leaders.

The Institute enjoys academic cooperation relationship with many famous research institutions in the world. Researchers actively participate in international and national academic conferences.

The research highlights of the Institute are field investigation of county region economy with typical regional characteristics, theoretical analysis and experience induction based on the field investigation,  report-based field investigation as well as  analysis and induction, for the purpose of offering advice and suggestions to the local government and serving the local economic development better.

Research Staff:

1.Director: Professor Liu Zuotai, Doctor

Professor Liu has undertaken many research projects, both at national and provincial levels as well as key projects of local government and projects entrusted by enterprises. Professor Liu has published more than 40 academic articles and two academic monographs. Many of his research reports have been adopted by the local government and enterprises.

2 Full-time academic researcher, backbone of the Institute: Associate Professor Liu Youming, Doctor

He has undertaken many research projects at both provincial and departmental levels, as well as key projects of local government and projects entrusted by enterprises. He published more than 20 academic articles and has taken part in creating a number of research reports.

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