Electronic Commerce Research Institute

Electronic Commerce Research Institute

Electronic Commerce Research Institute adheres to scientific research for the purpose of serving the society, implements the work mechanism of “open mode, mobility, competition, coordination”, and makes full use of joint effort and cooperation of government departments, enterprises and the university. Our institute strives to construct a  platform for subject development, research & development, as well as talent cultivation in the field of electronic commerce.

Research Staff

Director:Professor He Minwei
Full-time researcher: Zhao Haijun (Researcher),  Liang Liequan (Senior Engineer), Hua Cheng (Senior Engineer), Liu Yichun (Senior Engineer), Liang Yinghong (Senior Engineer)

Research Program

Order numberProgram nameLeaderDate of EstablishmentProject Origin
1Research on Key Technologies in Electronic Commerce, Based on 2nd Generation ID Card and Fingerprint IdentificationHe Minwei09-29-2009 Government Sector Projects
2ERP System of Sino-Hong Kong Baotian Motorcycle Industrial CorporationHe Minwei12-23-2008Enterprise Commissioned Projects
3Research on Key Internet Technologies of Addressing, Resolving and Updating Cloud-based ToolsHe Minwei07-24-2012Government Sector Projects
4Research on Coordination, Allocation, and Integration Services for the Financial and Hi-tech IndustryZhao Haijun07-01-2010National Social Science Fund Project
5Assistant System of IT Audit, Based on Agent and Expert SystemLiang Yinghong08-21-2009 Social Science Fund Project of Provinces, Municipalities and Autonomous Regions
6Public Service Platform Construction for Agency Management of Human Resources Market of the Guangdong ProvinceLiang Liequan07-27-2012Social Science Fund Project of Provinces, Municipalities and Autonomous Regions
7Research on Trust-evaluation Model of Electronic CommerceLiu Yichun02-29-2012 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Projects Funded by Ministry of Education
8House Lease  Comprehensive Management System and File Management System for Bureau of Civil Affairs of the Guangzhou MunicipalityHua Cheng11-07-2013Enterprise Commissioned Projects
9Technology Development of High Security Electronic Coupon, Based on Digital Signature and Two Dimensional Bar CodeLiang Yinghong09-12-2014Science and Technology Projects of Provinces, Municipalities and Autonomous Regions
10System Development of Personnel Agent Information ManagementLiang Liequan03-17-2015Enterprise Commissioned Projects

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