Students' Dormitory

I. Safety Instruction in the Dormitory

1.Keep doors and windows closed when you are out and never let anyone you do not know in.

2.Make sure all electrical appliances and faucets are shut down before you leave the dormitory in case of accidents.

3.Do not use high-consumption electrical appliances or create private electric extensions.

4.Visitors are not permitted to stay in dormitories.

5.Look after your valuables, such as laptops, purses, etc. Lock them in the locker for the night.

6.Always be mindful. Go to the concessionaire for help instantly, should you find something suspicious.

Police:110     Campus Gate:84096115

Fire Alarm:119     Security Office:84096060


II. Maintenance Service

1 water, electricity, furniture

2 toilet-block,  fans, air-conditioner, water dispenser

3 hot water supply (shower, plumbing, hot water supply)


III Contact us

Building Tel.
Building17 84096722
Building 18
Building 19
Building 20 84096723
Building 21
Building 22 84096007
Building 24
Building 25
Building 26 84096725
Building 27
Bungalow 84096113
Chemistry 1 84096730
Chemistry 2
Chemistry 3
Chemistry 4
Building 29 84096131
Building 28 84096928
Building B 84096157
Building A
New West Building 84096322
Building 3 84096922
Building 4 84096931

21 Luntou Road, Guangzhou 510320, Guangdong, P.R. China